Sunlight is a top leading dishwashing liquid product in Indonesia. We offer the best quality product that gives you the proper value of money.


Sunlight has been available in Indonesia for more than 25 years with bar format as a start. During the 80's, Sunlight launched liquid format which turned out to be the first dishwashing liquid product in Indonesia. For 20 years Sunlight liquid has managed to be the biggest dishwashing liquid brand in Indonesia with many innovative activations and promotions.

Sunlight as a market leader, has always offered the best solution to cleanse cooking utensils and kitchenware from all kinds of leftovers, smell and grease. Sunlight is available in 3 variants preferred by its consumers: Lime, Lemon, and Strawberry.


Sunlight available in modern and traditional stores with 3 variants such as Lime, Lemon, and Strawberry. In order to fulfil different consumer pack preference, we also offer the product in bottle (250ml and 800ml) and refill (90ml, 200ml, 400ml, and 800ml).

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