In these hectic times, SariWangi is keeping the family bond together. SariWangi moments help mothers to give the little bit extra of emotion and togetherness.

Sariwangi: Leader in the tea bag segment

Indonesia has a strong tea culture with 3 main flavor, Jasmine concentrate in Central & East Java, Vanilla flavor concentrate in Sumatra and the last is Black tea flavor with where concentrate in West & East Java and outer island. SariWangi is the leading archetypal tea brand exclusively operating in the tea bag segment. SariWangi is a local brand which was introduced in 1973 in teabag format – a new modern way to drink your tea vs loose tea.

The communication investment of ULI has build SariWangi identity as Indonesian teabag brand with aspiration & premium image. SariWangi has also successfully rejuvenated the declining Indonesian leaf tea market. Tea bag segment has increase its share in last 4 years primarily on account of very aggressive conversion drive undertaken by SariWangi from packet tea to tea bag. Some activity to increase usership of Sariwangi done by increase consumption building through tea moment, recipes, tea & health campaign and other experiential activity.

Did you know?

  • SariWangi recipe - creating a new taste experience has been an outstanding success.
  • Research shows that maximum tea benefits will be obtained through regular tea consumption (4-6 cups of tea every day). Different ways of serving (both hot or cold) and addition of other ingredients (such as sugar, lemon, milk etc.) does not reduce the tea benefits.
  • Sariwangi is the only tea brand that tide up Indonesian archipelago, and consistently communicate the warm of togetherness. One of its activity is “SariWangi Closer Warmer (lebih dekat lebih hangat) in 2005. 
  • In 2006, Sariwangi held Sariwangi Mobil Mudik where we help family in getting “real” connected amongst nuclear family who has a ritual of pulang kampong every year. We facilitate the ‘process’ through Mobil Mudik SariWangi. After
  • In 2006 & 2007 Sariwangi got ICSA (Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award) held by SWA and Frontier
  • In 2006,Sariwangi awarded Packaging Consumer Branding Award as “Gold” category, conducted by   SWA magazine, Mix magazine, Landor, dm Associates, and Imago School of Modern Advertising.


  • SariWangi perceived as modern, progressive, innovative and popular tea brand
  • Some product innovation that have done by Sariwangi
  • Green Tea variant in 2006
  • Always develop the bland for core variant (Black, Jasmine and Vanilla)
  • Other innovation is more to communication and activation on tea bag usage to converse packed tea user to tea bag user      
  • We launch Sarimurni round bag in April 2007 as new innovation with Osmofilter technology      

Key facts

  • Tea is the world's favorites beverage, after water 
  • Taken regularly, tea can help improve vascular function, combat fatigue, reduce cholesterol levels and increase feelings of vitality.
  • During 15 years under Unilever, SariWangi   has grow constantly each year
  • Today SariWangi is mainly sold in Indonesia as local jewel brand. It is the biggest brand in tea bag segment in Indonesia.     

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