Rinso’s goal is to provide effective cleaning, simpler laundry process and best clothing experience that enable people to unleash their potential by having freedom to get dirty.

Clean the cleanest for over 35 years

Rinso was launched in Indonesia as the nation’s first detergent brand. However, it was actually a brand most commonly used in United States, United Kingdom and Australia since 1918. In 1970, Unilever, realizing the country’s potential, positioned Indonesia as the home base for Rinso. It was proven to be a smart move because today Rinso is proudly the number one leader in Indonesian detergent market.

Freedom to get dirty

Remember when you were a child? How you were free to explore, returning home covered in dirt and other stains that you wore like the badges of an intrepid discoverer? Dirt is good!

Although it might sound strange for a leading laundry brand like Rinso to say this, we believe, like you, that this type of dirt is good: it's an important part of a child's development. It's how kids learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems. It’s a valuable way to enrich our lives, both young and old. So don’t be afraid of getting dirty, because when dirt is experienced, Dirt is good!

Key facts

  • Rinso is also sold in other parts of the globe, mainly in countries of Middle East and Central America, where it is the third major soap powder brand.
  • Rinso received Indonesia Best Brand Award for 3 years in a row (2003, 2004 and 2005)

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