Citra is a local brand in Indonesia with a vision to become a total skin brand that gives natural beauty in its entirety.

Understanding Indonesian Women

In 2006, Citra has two missions, which are:

The first mission, Citra wants to become a Total Skin Brand which is reflected in Citra’s existing Skincare range now. For Body Care, Citra has Citra Hand & Body Lotion, Citra Liquid Soap and Citra Body Scrub. Meanwhile, for the Face Care, Citra has Citra Hazeline Moisturizer and Citra Face Cleanser. Citra will continue to create strategic innovations that are relevant to their consumer.

The second mission, Citra wants to help Indonesian women to balance their mind & body. Citra realized that Indonesian women have multiple roles to perform in their life and there are high demands from society for these women to perform well in each of their roles. By having a balance mind & body, women can perform their roles better and this will lead to a harmonious relationship with their community. Based on these reasons, Citra launch aromatherapy fragrance variants, because the aromatherapy benefits is well known to help relax the five senses and make the mind & body to become calmer.

To support both missions above, Citra launched Rumah Cantik Citra (RCC) activation. RCC is a spa house for total experience of Citra products to manage and beautify the body and soul.

An Indonesian heritage beauty brand

Citra is known as a natural based ingredients beauty brand with strong Indonesian heritage, and it has been in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Citra started as a Hand & Body Lotion brand but in the past years has extended its brand to other segments such as Liquid Soap, Body Scrub, Face Cleanser and Face Moisturizer. The target consumers of Citra are 15-35 years old women that want to be modern without leaving the Indonesian social norms. They also believe in the do-good property of natural based skincare products to take care of their skin.

Did you know

  • Citra has been in the Indonesian skincare market since 1984. 
  • Citra is made from Indonesian natural based ingredients with strong Indonesian heritage.
  • Over the past years, Citra has maintained its position as the market leader in the Hand & Body Lotion market in Indonesia.  


One of Citra 2006 mission is to become a Total Skincare Brand. To support this mission, Citra has launched various innovations such as:

  • In February 2006, Citra re-launched Citra Hand & Body Lotion variants (Citra Bengkoang White Lotion, Citra Teh Hijau Beauty Lotion dan Citra Mangir Beauty Lotion) and launched Citra Liquid Soap (Citra Bengkoang White Milk Bath dan Citra Teh Hijau Refreshing Bath).
  • The latest innovation in July 2006, is Citra Body Scrub (Citra Bengkoang White Body Scrub and Citra Teh Hijau Refreshing Body Scrub), which effectively cleanses the dirt from the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells leaving the skin looks clean and fresh.   

Citra will continue to push the boundaries for skincare products by launching products that are relevant to Indonesian women.

Key facts

  • Over the past years, Citra has continued to grow in terms of value and volume. The growth is supported by innovations that are relevant to the Citra consumers.
  • Citra’s continuous commitment to explore the consumer insight and create innovations based on these insights has been rewarded. This can be reflected in the various awards that was given to Citra in the past three years in a row, among others: Indonesian Best Brand Awards and Indonesian Consumer Satisfaction Award.
  • According to SWA Magazine, in the Hand & Body Lotion market, Citra has the highest loyalty index. Based on these findings, Citra was given the Indonesian Consumer Loyalty Awards in 2006. 
  • In 2006, Citra launched RCC Activation which is a semi permanent spa house for total experience of Citra products to manage and beautify the soul.  

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